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Meet the Owners

Mark resides in Jacksonville, Florida and started Elite Medical Florida while managing ELITE Medical Distributors, which he founded in 2013, successfully for 8 years.

He has spent the last 8 years primarily focused on working with the VA and other military/government healthcare organizations to help provide the highest quality medical equipment available and developing a seasoned team of representatives to do the same.

Prior to both Elite Medical ventures, Mark was a liaison/lead assistant for a prominent spine/neurosurgeon in the Cleveland Ohio area for over 20 years. In this position, he specialized in working very closely with the surgical resident staff, nursing staff, physicians, and patients that the practice served. He received a degree from Cleveland State University and also holds a certificate in health care management from Case Western Reserve University.

He looks forward to continuing the initiatives that he began his sales management career with well into the future.

Mark Poolos


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Kevin Williams

Vice President

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Kevin graduated from Fork Union Military Academy and continued his education at Temple University.  After graduating from Temple, he enlisted in the US Army and was deployed to the Persian Gulf and was heavily involved in Operations Desert Storm and Desert Shield, as well as the Cold War.

Throughout his life, he has gravitated toward a holistic approach to health and wellness. He has been involved in the cycling community since the age of 10 and decided to use his love for the sport as an outlet for fitness both for the physical body and his own mental health. Cycling along with other outdoor activities such as yoga allow him an opportunity to feel a sense of inner peace and tranquility while enjoying the beauty mother nature has to offer.

Kevin enjoys sharing his knowledge with others to educate them about the benefits of a holistic treatment program with the hopes they can strengthen their body, mind, and spirit.

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